Euphorbia heterophylla

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    I am confused about the species Euphorbia heterophylla and Poinsettia cyathophora. I have seen a number of websites that list them as synonyms of each other, implying that they are in fact the same species. But I have seen other websites that discuss them as though they were different species. Can anyone clear this up for me. I recently saw a species in Bermuda that was one or the other of these species, and I also saw one at the LA Arboretum that was not signed.
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    They seem to be two different species, though a number of the texts do mention some confusion surrounding the names (note, though, that Euphorbia cyathophora seems to be the name in use for that species now)

    USDA has a page for each species:

    MissouriPlants makes a note of the confusion at the end of its page on "Poinsettia cyathophora"

    Flora of Thailand Euphorbiaceae separates the two with descriptions and synonyms.

    Lastly, here's a search for [GOOGLE]A Synopsis of Poinsettia[/GOOGLE] which is the title of a paper by Dressler who tabulates the differences - don't know if any of these are freely available, though.

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