Euonymus europaeus and E. latifolia

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    The following was received via email:

    I hope you have pleasent time
    I would appreciate receiving any information about botany of Euonymus europaeus and Euonymus latifolia and propagation of them.
    and are there different among them?
    I would be grateful to receive any other information on that topic, too.
    please answer my question
    I wait for answer
    Yours sincerely
    Fatemeh B.
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    Sow seeds in containers when ripe (autumn) and place in cold frame, cool greenhouse or similar environment, where they will be chilled but not freeze solid. They can also be rooted from softwood cuttings, if you have the setup for it (mist bench, plastic tunnel, pot with plastic on wire hoops...).

    Euonymus europaeus is common here, E. latifolius is not. Both have conspicuous autumn color and fruits, but the latter differ in shape. Try searching the internet under their botanical names for images.

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