Euchalyptus in South Texas

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by George, Sep 17, 2004.

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    central Texas
    I saw some flowering euchalyptus trees with orange/red blossoms in the San Francisco area in August. I would like to plant some in central Texas, where the summer can reach 100 deg. fahrenheit in the summer and it can freeze in the winter. Approx. average rainfall of 29" per year. Are there any flowering varieties suitable for this climate? Thank you. George
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    Yorkshire, England.
    George, look up Eucalyptus ficifolia on the WWW. It may be suitable for your climate.

    my website
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    Northern Illinois
    Hi George, here is a list of eucalyptus carried by Civano Nursery <> in Tucson, AZ, where the climate is very similar to yours. You can check to see which of these has showy flowers. /Carmen

    Eucalyptus campaspe/ Silver Topped Gimlet
    Eucalyptus diptera
    Eucalyptus eremophila/ Goldfields Sand Mallee
    Eucalyptus erythronema /White Mallee
    Eucalyptus forrestaiana/ Fuchsia Gum
    Eucalyptus leucoxylon rosea/ White Ironbark
    Eucalyptus loxophelba lissiphoia
    Eucalyptus microtheca/ Coolibah Tree
    Eucalyptus polyanthemos/ Silver Dollar
    Eucalyptus salmonophoia/ Salmon Gum
    Eucalyptus salubris/ Gimlet
    Eucalyptus spathulata/ Narrow Leaf Gimlet
    Eucalyptus stoatei/ Scarlet Pear Gum
    Eucalyptus torquata/ Coral-flowered Gum
    Eucalyptus woodwardii/ Lemon-flowered Gum
  4. George,

    I wish I could tell you the species, but growing up in Port Aransas TX (barrier Island, just north of North Padre) we had an enormous eucalyptus tree in our front yard and a few in the back. The now massive eucalyptus in my Mother's front yard has been there as long as I can remember (32+ years). None of the freezes ever killed it, and it's survived at least one hurricane. (I found this post because I was looking for pictures of the plants I grew up around for my screensaver. I live in Chicago now).

    If you'd like to find out the species, try writing the garden club. I know there were eucalyptus all over town:

    Port Aransas Garden Club
    P.O. Box 681
    Port Aransas, Texas 78373

    (I found this by chance, so I probably won't check back)

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  5. I have a eucalyptus tree in my yard and I love it! I want to get four more, but can't find anyone who sells them. Can anyone help?

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