Escobaria Abdita Seedlings care, etc.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice about cactus seedlings. I'm trying to grow them in southern Wisconsin.

    I recently decided to try and grow Escobaria Abdita from seed because buying a fullgrown plant would be expensive. I got 8 seeds from a friend, and so far, two have sprouted. They both have one set of spines.

    Originally these seedlings were germinated using led light and a heat mat. However, I noticed that one of the seedlings started to turn a yellowish green color, and thought maybe they weren't getting enough light. I moved the seedlings to a window, but then I think they may have been getting too much light, because the yellow-green one started to take on a somewhat reddish hue. It has been about a month since these were planted.

    I was hoping for a few care tips regarding:
    • How to help the seedling that has taken on a yellow-green reddish hue?
      • Do they need more or less sun? and why then is only one of the two seedlings discolored?
    • Should I give up on the other 6 seeds at this point? Any way to get them to germinate?
    • When should I remove the lid to start drying them out? --I hear and read so many conflicting ideas about this
    • When should I consider transplanting them?--a general recommendation was given that I wait until they at least have several sets of spines each?
    Thanks so much!

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    It doesn't look too bad. Seedlings that get too much light turn red first and then white (at that point it is too late). If it had been infected with something it would most likely be dead now.

    Well, they don't need more light at the moment. Seedlings are individuals, some of them will look different from the rest. Wait a few days and see if it changes even more.

    No, some seeds germinate much later than the first ones. You could try transfering them to a a finer medium, it is possible that cactus seeds can penetrate too deeply into the vermiculite you use.

    I think I would wait if I used a medium that coarse, it looks as if it would dry out too easily, and that is not good for the roots. The remaining seeds will be less likely to germinate in a dry medium. I have never grown this species, but it has a reputation for being moderately difficult, and that makes it hard to tell when they are ready. I grow my cactus seedling in a semi-humid box with small openings in the lid, and that works well, it is neither too wet or too dry.

    I wait a few months at least. I want the roots to be at least 1 to 3 cm long, I have never cared about how many sets of spines (areoles?) they have.
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