Hedges: Emerald Cedars going bald from the base - are they dying?

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    Hi all,

    I live in Toronto and I think my Emerald Cedars are dying, or at least something is dreadfully wrong. They were planted in June of 2015 so are 5 years old and have been lovely till this spring.

    Three of them are going bald at the base to half way up on the interior side which faces the tree beside it. We do not have dogs. I have been told it might be that they need better light. The garden is south facing and they run along the west long side. They don't get a ton of sun till summer I guess. The trees on the east long side (get lots of light) seem to be ok.

    I will attach some images. Please help!!!

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    It looks as though 2 other shrubs, now cut back, have been growing right in front of the Emerald Cedars. If their usual habit is to grow taller during the growing season, they would seem to have been shading the lower branches of the hedge and causing the leaves to die. It may take a few years but if you get rid of the 2 offending shrubs, the cedars will eventually grow to fill in the bare areas.

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