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    I inherited what I just discovered is an Elephant bush I believe. It wasn't in the best shape when I got it and I left it in its itty bitty pot it came in. It's been a year, I just repotted it and I think it needs some help? Do I trim it? It seems healthy but very stalk like and not alot of leaves. I dont know how to help it. I do know I may have been watering too much during the winter. Any advice is welcome. Also, do I keep in direct sunlight or indirect?

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    All the sun you can give it, although you should acclimate it slowly if it hasn't been exposed directly to the sun. The long stem looks to be a byproduct of long periods of insufficient light as it tries to stretch out and reach more. I don't know if it will initiate leaf growth along the stem if the light regime changes, others with more experience will need to talk to that.

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