Edible (or food safe) flower for cocktail garnish?

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    Hello. I'm looking for an edible, or at least food safe, flower to use as a cocktail garnish. A little online research reveals a plethora of edible flowers, but my lack of experience & knowledge with flowers is making it hard to know which ones are actually options for my situation. I'm hoping the knowledgeable folks here will be able to make some recommendations.

    Below you'll see a picture of the drink i'll be serving. I tossed in a flower of approximately the size i'm looking for as an example of what i'd like to do. Details and other requirements are:
    • Climate: I live in St. Louis, MO
    • Season/Date: The event will take place in late July
    • I like to place all the plants that i'm going to use for flavoring and garnishes around me, and pick off leaves/flowers right when i make the drink. So, preferably the plant would be something I can grow in a pot and that isn't too large.
    • I would estimate needing 18 or so flowers. Ideally they would come from a single plant if that's possible.
    • My skill level would be beginner. While i grow lots of vegetables & some fruits, i know nothing about cultivating flowers. So, something hardy that doesn't need special conditions for flowering would be ideal.
    • I would prefer to float an entire flower in the liquid if possible, not just petals.


    Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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