Eddie's white wonder dogwood not flowering

Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by IsabelleF, Apr 25, 2007.

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    I planted a dogwood (Eddie's white wonder) about 5 years ago. It flowered the second year but hasn't flowered since. Any ideas why? thanks. isabelle
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    Seems usually this one blooms small and keeps blooming once it starts. However, such things may vary. It may have come from the nursery in one mode and then gone to another on your site. If it is growing vigorously and lushly it may have reverted to a juvenile condition for awhile, with blooming resuming after it gets a little bigger. Even though it is a grafted clone, such behavior is apparently possible. For example, I have two 'Caerhays Belle' magnolias on the same property, purchased about the same time, in about the same size - maybe even coming from the same row at the production nursery. One is growing as a flowering branch, even setting a flower bud on the terminal shoot instead of extending itself upward into a larger specimen. The other is growing like a weed but not flowering yet.

    If, on the other hand your tree is barely growing it could be the opposite situation - the plant is doing so poorly it doesn't even flower, despite the tendencies of this cultivar.

    Other possible scenarios are the planting site is too dark (shady) for it to bloom, such as if it was planted beneath a close stand of comparatively young conifers - although it seems the Pacific dogwood does manage to flower at least a bit under such conditions. Or maybe the 'Wonder' scion has died and been replaced by a seedling rootstock, which isn't old enough to bloom yet.

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