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    The Holtsville zoo & ecology center nearby has an amazing greenhouse, 3 actually. I went there today and took some pics, amazing array of tropicals, houseplants, and even many succulents. It's grown mainly for the county offices and landscaping for county owned places. Feel free to ID anything if you want (although I know what most of them are, as many are common plants), or just look at their vast amount of plants. By the way, they're a non-profit place, they accept donations, and the zoo is for animals that are injured and can't go back to the wild, unlike a normal zoo.

    The Agave americana var. americana was very large, about 60cm tall x 60cm wide. The Hibiscus rosa-sinesis was really nice, pretty large plant they had going, they also had the double flower cultivar. I was amazed as I've never seen a Monstera deliciosa of that size before, the largest leaf (pictured) was about 60cm long, 30cm wide. I'd like to work there one day in their greenhouse, such a cool (actually very humid and warm) place :)

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