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    Hi folks,

    Seeing that music is a form of art as well, I figured I could post something about my eco-music work.

    I turn sunshine into music, literally... Some songs are pure funshine, other carry an eco-message. And I use both this music and my website to help promote the use of renewable energy. The website also includes a 5Q-interview series in which I ask 5 eco
    questions to each participant. Interviewees vary from writers, wildlife photographers, actors, ecocity builders to eco-"activists". (The interview with UNEP and UN Award winning ecologistVandana Shiva will be posted in the near future!).

    Musical eco-art. Check it out if you feel like it:

    But do not forget to return to this forum here! :)


    Turtuga Blanku

    *Solar Power Music at:*

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