ECIAD students needs a mentor for a grad project

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    vancouver BC Canada
    I am student at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in my fourth year in
    the Industrial Design program
    My grad project, is dealing with indoor green walls system (living walls) for cleaning toxins and filtering the air and what positive effect this has on
    individuals mentally and spiritually. Also indoor plants helps cool and
    regulate temperature within a giving space which intern lowers consumption on the
    power gird and reduces peoples ecological footprint on the world. But my knowledge
    is mostly about design. I need a mentor that is an expert in the field of plants, indoor tropical pants would be best. As my green wall idea is still at the concept stage ...I am thinking about aeration or hydroponics or soil but need help in making the best decision for the life of the plant and its indoor environment.

    So if you are interested in being one of my mentors or perhaps know anyone in
    the Vancouver area that would be interested in helping mentor a student for a
    grad project this would be fantastic.
    If you know of any companies that are in the local area (Vancouver) that are
    willing to work with students please let me know. Any help on indoor plants would be invaluable to me.

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