dying weeping blue atlas cedar

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    Hope someone can give me some hope here...
    I live in Victoria B.C. I have a weeping blue atlas cedar in my front yard. It is almost 20 years old now, the main trunk in about 5 feet tall and nicely twisted and then it has grown out to the side for about ten or fifteen feet (depending on how far back we keep it) All of a sudden this past month ALL the needles went brown and just started dropping like crazy. In a panic and hoping to get it looking better by getting all the ugly stuff away (probably causing more shock?!?!) I cut back almost all of the brown branches... now what is left on this scarey skeleton of a tree is going brown too and I am dreading that it is near its end... Please give me any clues as to what I can do here. All the other plants around it are doing well.
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    Foliage probably should've been examined closely for pests. If there is any left, try that. Cutting off its branches was surely not helpful, but you can't put them back.

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