Dying hoya, please help

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    I got this hoya plant from a plant convention a while ago (don't know the exact name since it wasn't labelled and the seller didn't know) and for the most of the year it was doing great. However for the past few weeks its been on a slow descent to death and I don't know why. I think i may have over watered it once? (I generally just gave it a soak after it had completely dried up, but between me and my mom it might have overlapped once) But basically each branch is slowly drying up from the tip, with the leaves turning yellow and wilting. I've just been cutting them off as it happens, but I think the roots were permanently damaged or something.

    I tried repotting the soil (using cactus mix and lots of perlite) and watering it a little more but it hasn't made difference. I kept it in a kind of semi-lit area and I live in Southern California so it's a kind of dry, but it had been completely fine up until a few weeks ago.

    Is there anything I can do to save it at this point or is it just doomed :( (I was thinking of maybe just cutting it to try and propagate at this point)

    (I moved it to our backyard for these photos-maybe I should leave it there? It would get more light but also risk more heat since its warming up.)

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