British Columbia: Drimys Lanceolata

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by rhodogal, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Sidney BC
    Any comments about growing a Drimys Lanceolata Pepper Tree? I'm in greater Victoria, love the look of this shrub. Any problems with deer eating them? I notice that they aren't too tolerant to cold snaps if planted in an open area. Thanks.
  2. Ron B

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    Yes, it is fine as long as it stays above say 10 degrees F. If you are near the beach along a sheltered cove you may have it indefinitely; if you get below that minimum repeatedly you might as well grow it as a tub plant, that is moved into a garage or greenhouse during Arctic fronts.

    If you want to do any serious gardening you will have to fence the deer out of at least part of your property. Otherwise you will constantly have them deciding what you do, rather than yourself. What they browse or rub is not consistent, with the biggest unpleasant surprise coming when they are starving during a hard winter - all manner of plants that were left alone up to that point may be eaten.
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    South Surrey, Canada
    I tried to grow one here on the Surrey / White Rock border (Crescent Beach area). It is generally warmer here (in winter) than in the rest of the lower mainland and I've had lots of success growing plants with borderline hardiness. However, my Drimys only made it through 2 winters before it died back to the ground during the 3rd. I think your climate in Victoria holds a little more promise, but I would give it some protection over the winter regardless. Good luck!

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