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    I have some dragon trees that I separated and replanted about three weeks ago. They’re about 2 feet tall. One had a big bend in it so I have some wood tied on it to straighten it and it worked really well. I took it off to move it to another small bend to straighten it even more and I snapped the stalk! It snapped all the way through about two inches under the start of the leaves. The root system was pretty good for it when I replanted it, so I’m hoping there’s a way I could save either parts of it, if not both ends of the snap? (Picture of the other dragon tree with the snapped portion and another picture of the snapped part) I have the stalk in the same soil still and the broken top in some water.

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    You'll probably end up with two plants instead of one. The break appears to be clean but you may want to make a sharp cut with pruners at both ends of the stem, just above and below a leaf node respectively. Apply some rooting hormone to the tip end and plant in soil.
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