Dracunculus Vulgaris - dragon's claw arum

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    A little 'interest' for any garden.......

    IMG_1136.JPG IMG_1153.JPG IMG_1155.JPG IMG_1089.JPG

    Full sun and hardy to zone 5b these plants will reach heights of up to 6ft - the larger of the two plants is to the top of my 4ft chain link fence and will only get bigger next year. The last image was taken 1 day before so you can see how quickly they'll open, and then they don't last long. But even without the flower the foliage is still eye catching.
    Keep in mind they're pollinated by flies and therefore smell like rotting meat for the first day or so.
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    One of those plants people who have bought an older property have come up and mystify them. As though they were being passed around many years ago. Christopher Lloyd writes how after the odoriferous phase ends - inflorescences in the early stages smell just like dead rats - these are great for indoor use.

    A friend that used to garden east of Seattle had one set fruit one year, if anything these are more arresting than the flowers. Like vivid orange corn cobs.

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