Dracaena Reflexa rooted in water

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by claudinam, Nov 22, 2006.

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    About a month ago I trimmed back my Dracaena Reflexa (with the advice and help from James D. here) and put the cuttings in water. Some of those cuttings have stems, some are just leaves -- some have developed white roots, other stems if I look at the bottom look redish. And one cutting has roots but has white fuzzy stuff all around the cutting. So the question is, what do I do with each of those cuttings now? How do I know which ones are ready to be planted? Can I plant them into the same pot where the Reflexa is now? How do I put the ones that are ready into the soil? Also, the soil the plant is in now is probably also quite old, so I am not sure whether it'd be a good idea to change it at the same time?

    Thank for your help everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hi Claudine,

    I don't think any are ready to be planted in potting soil yet as the roots aren't developed enough or at all.

    That's not a good idea as the root systems won't be able to compete with the mature plant for water and nutrients.

    Instead of rooting them in water, I would suggest this method shown here for plumeria.

    I would suggest a fresh cut, dispose of the part with the white fuzzy stuff and rooting as above.

    I'm not sure what "quite old" is, but if your plant is rootbound then you can repot it. You can also remove all the soil if you desire and pot it up in a clean pot.


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