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    I bought a new townhouse in May 2005. A freshly planted dogwood flowered and died that summer. The builder replaced it with a new dogwood tree the following late spring.

    It died within 2 months.

    Mid-November of 2006, they planted ANOTHER dogwood. As of this writing, it has not even begun to sprout leaves, much less flower buds. I scraped a tiny piece of branch, and it is moist and green, so I assume it is alive. I have no idea why it has yet to begin to do its stuff.

    All of the other plants in my tiny plot are doing fine. All of my neighbors dogwoods have leaves and most are flowering all ready. Mine looks like it still thinks it is January.

    None of my neighbors have done a single thing to their dogwoods, except water it a bit during the hot months, but thats about it.

    Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

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