Dog Tragedy

Discussion in 'Maples' started by JoeMaple85, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    So my dog decided she wanted to play with my Kotohime graft that was sitting in a pot on a table....
    long story short, I came home from work tonight and the plant was laying on the porch looking really sad.
    The leaves were pretty much dried out on the bottom of the tree, but the top set of leaves felt healthier than the bottom.
    From what I saw, the roots were covered with the dirt that spilled out, but nonetheless, my dog still disturbed it from its home.
    Is there any hope for my Kotohime? I planted it back in a fresh mix of soil, watered it lightly and added a tiny bit of that easy start stuff into the water.. anything else that I should be doing?

    Thanks :)
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    Is "easy start" a rooting hormone or a fertilizer? Nitrogen would not be a good thing in this situation unless its a super low dose but I would have treated it with rooting hormone to reduce the stress and micro nutrients with no nitrogen if anything.

    You want to keep this tree in the shade for a couple weeks and it just may suprise you with some new late summer growth. Its hard to know but keep it protected from wind and sun and there is a chance since not all the leaves are wilted that it might not be too bad. Keep a regular watering schedule during this time, it may be critical if water uptake was impaired. Containerized trees in a good draining mix do well with deep watering on a regular schedule.

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