Does anyone grow Philodendron variifolium?

Discussion in 'Araceae' started by photopro, Nov 6, 2009.

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    I'm trying to find good photos of the species Philodendron variifolium from Peru. The plant I'm seeking isn't the commonly sold tissue cultured plant that is frequently sold using that name.

    Due to a mis-tagged plant at a plant show in Miami some years ago the wrong plant is being sold with the name Philodendron variifolium at sources all over the world.

    The plant I am seeking is found only in Peru and has an elongated leaf blade that is extremely variable in shape (thus the name "variifolium"). The true species often grows as a terrestrial plant while the plant that masquerades with that name is a climber. You can see the real species here:

    The other plant, which is Philodendron brandtianum can be seen here: brandtianum pc.html

    If you grow the Peruvian species and would be willing to sell a cutting I'd really like to hear from you but more importantly I'd like good close-up photos of both surfaces of the leaf blade, the petiole, the cataphyll, the stem and the inflorescence.


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