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    I rescued a rhododendron . Originally it was on a balcony facing west, and doing enormously well. Then it was left to it's
    own devices, and I suspect dried out, but then the balcony was taken down
    and the plant placed in the parking lot where it got lots of rain, and
    various amounts of sun and shade, again facing west. I rescued it because
    it is rather unusual, originally it was heavy green-rusty leaves, with a
    soft fur, and big bright red flowers. Now it looks like it is dried out,
    leaves drooping, but the soil rich, dark, and moist. So now I have it where
    it gets some east and west sun. But I don't know what is wrong with it and
    therefore can't really approach it. SO what might be the problem, and
    possible remedies... or is it done for?

    With appreciation,
    Rose Marie.

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