Discoloration on mint leaves???

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    Hi All,

    Hope someone can help me with identifying... what's wrong with my mint leaves. There is a form of... discoloration on the leaves... it's been like that for pretty much it's whole life (since 3 months ago, that is). Could anyone tell me what it is, and what to do to help it? Is it mint rust, some fungal infection, etc??

    Thanks in advance for your help. Pictures attached. Would worry too much about the black dots, prolly stray soil that blew onto it.


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    Looks like a plant virus of some sort. Since mint are so easy to come by, I would dig out as much of this as you can and then see what happens next season. If it comes back and is still odd looking, paint it with Roundup to kill the plants roots and all. Then one could let the garden go mint free for a year or two, and try replanting with fresh, healthy mints.

    Meanwhile, I'd grow some healthy ones in pots, in case you need mint for cooking and garnishes.

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