Did I accidentally kill my own Higasayama maple?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by tammer, Apr 20, 2021.

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    My "Higasayama" maple started growing new leaves about a month ago. I started noticing that on certain branches the leaves are starting to brown/blacken around the borders and that some of the newer leaves seem to be curling.

    Other observations/facts:
    It has been unseasonably windy and cool/overcast.
    I typically water the tree once a week, more often if it is warm and sunny.
    There have been mushrooms sprouting around the base of the tree.
    I did plant 2 Hellebores about 2 feet away from the trunk of the tree on April 5.

    I'm wondering if it's just wind and my tree will recover - or if it's something more sinister like wilt. Your insights and thoughts are appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more pictures.

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    Good morning and welcome to the forum, first of all how long has it been planted in that position ? Is this it's first season there?
    The next thing I'm concerned about is the fungi growing around the base of your Higasayama. There is an old saying that 'moisture =mushrooms', for those who want to grow them.
    Maples like a good well draining soil to be planted in. Yes they like moisture, but not wet feet all the time. I also like them to dry out a little between watering.
    The next thing is, this particular cultivar is very sensitive to wind. You say in your posting this is what you have had recently. So again another factor.
    So IMO at the moment, do not water to compensate for a few leaves turning. Too many maples are killed by over watering and especially if the soil is not free draining.
    Regarding the Hellebore's, disturbing the roots when it is leafing out, this can invariably cause some damage. I never disturb roots during this phase of my trees development. If it's in bud then OK, but not later.

    So atm as it's only a few outer leaves, have a look to see if there are new buds forming, if so then it will recover. Even if there are no buds near the damaged leaves, it may end up that branch dying back, but the whole tree will be OK.

    It needs a little more time to evaluate.

    Hope that's helped.
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    Most of the time, the mushrooms you can see are a sign of good health of the soil. See "Mycorrhyzae" : a symbiotic exchange between the fungus and the tree, it helps the tree assimilate nutrients, like truffles and oak.

    It's the ones you don't see that are harmful, or the ones that grow right on the base of the trunk, on the bark.

    I'd say it's a mild damage from weather conditions. To me, nothing much to worry about.

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