Rhododendrons: diatomaceous earth

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    I am growing a few rhodos in less than perfect circumstances: right against the forest with hundred-year-old evergreens including cedars nearby. Salal makes up the understory and weevils are having a heyday there - as well as with my rhodos, photinia, hydrangea, etc. I have been treating with nematodes, tanglefoot and hand picking adults off the plants. Recently a nurseryman suggested I also use diatomaceous earth to weaken and eventually kill adult weevils. Does anyone have any success with DE against weevils? And do rhubarb leaves around the base of plants help at all?
    I am beginning to think the only solution is to plant everything in big oak barrels where I might have better control over pests as well as watering. Or quit trying to grow what pesky weevils like to dine on.

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