Dendrochilum wenzelii care

Discussion in 'Orchidaceae (orchids)' started by andrewpfisher, Oct 24, 2006.

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    I got this orchid at the orchid show in SF this spring and it hasn't done much. Individual leaves are growing taller but they are gradually reducing in numbers and I'm not getting any new growth.
    What kind of care should/could I give it to encourage it to grow more? Is it dormant because its winter?
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    Even though I have grown a species of this genera in the distant past I cannot remember it at all. Check out Andy's Orchids on the internet. This site has a very excellent general cultural treatment for each of the plants that they list.
    Also in your search for info you need to supply much more information for any worthwhile response, especially on the conditions under which the plant is growing.

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