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    We planted two of my larger maples earlier this year, and I would like to give them each a companion from my currently potted maples. Location for both is along the north fenceline, so they will get shelter from most wind. Trouble is, I'm having a hard time deciding which tree should go in each location - I have two, possibly three, candidates for each - so I am hoping you will help me decide. If you could also give your reasoning why you'd go with one over the other, I would greatly appreciate it!!

    First location/picture:
    Up closer to the house, significant slope to the ground. In the corner I have a Hardy Gardenia azalea (evergreen), and just to the right of it is my Nuresagi. I would like to plant another tree just to the right of it, perhaps slightly to the front. This location gets a fair bit of shade, but it also receives varying dappled sun from mid-morning through mid-afternoon. Earlier in spring, and in fall, it will receive actual sun for about an hour or two, possibly a bit longer, mostly mid-afternoon. My choices for this location are either Hana matoi, Olsen's Frosted Strawberry or possibly Kawaii. (If this makes any difference, I also plan to plant my Red Dragon up by the house, along the boulders in the retaining wall.)

    Second location/picture:
    Further down the fenceline, on the other side of the large pin oak, I have my Shinju planted. (The large potted mimosa and crape myrtle are being moved to different locations.) On the left side, I plan to plant a Goshiki osmanthus ( To the right, I would like to plant either Aekan Ie's or Sherwood Elfin. This location gets a fair bit of shade, but it does get some early morning sun, then full sun again for 3-4 hours around mid-day, depending on the time of year. I know Aekan can take a fair bit of sun and heat, as can Sherwood, but I don't know if the latter can take that much. You can barely see it, but to the very right of the picture, I also have my Beni otake with a Lemon Thread False Cypress on either side of it.

    Thank you very much for your help!! :)

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