Appreciation: Death Cap Mushrooms are Spreading Across North America

Discussion in 'Fungi, Lichens and Slime Molds' started by allelopath, Feb 2, 2019.

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    I love the illustration they did of Paul :-).

    It was in great part a good article. And I am a big fan of Paul!

    And it is important to keep the message out there about this hazardous and very weedy fungus, particularly as folks are increasingly relying on "identification-by-photo-by-social-media." Also since lately north americans are eating a greater diversity of mushroom species, possibly in part due to U.S. economic downturns impacting household finances.

    I do however take issue with the reporter, as I do for this tendency in reporters in general, for in spots sacrificing the messages in favour of the most charismatic or impactful *portions* of quotes received. I could see both interviewees potentially being misunderstood as a result of remarks deliberately taken out of context. I can clearly picture, given the topic, what the unquoted remaining portions of the statements would have been. Ah well, maybe just a bee in my bonnet <grin>....

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