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Discussion in 'Maples' started by mylesahead, May 13, 2011.

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    we have a very nice viridis that was 5 years old,last spring after the tree opened it looked nice then the leaves all turned brown by the end of the season they all fell off. this year no new leaves, is it dead? will it come back ext year? it appears to be dead but we are not shure,it wwas a buitfull tree can someone help? here is a pic of it

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    Doesn't sound good. If it is past the normal leafing out time in your area and the branches are dry and brittle it is surely dead. Try scraping the bark of the branches with your thumbnail to see if there is any green underneath.
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    A pic of the tree as it is today would be more helpful than one of it in full health :)
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    I have three virdis (just love them) and for me they have been happiest in drier siting conditions. The only time I had one with dieback was when we had a record wet winter/spring. It did come out of it, but I had to cut a lot of branches back. The other one was in a much drier area and had no dieback. The third one I bought last year as a rescue:) It was in a 1 gal pot with barely any soil. I passed it by a few times, but then couldn't stand it since it obviously was a survivor. I have it in a drier area with a lot of oak root competition and it looks great. So I'm wondering what conditions you had overwinter? I also completely lost a Waterfall that same year and I think it was for the same reason.

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