dead bromiliad blossom

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  1. I have a smallish, potted bromiliad plant that had a beautiful yellow blossom which recently turned brown and dry and appears to be dead. Should I remove it? As one would do with dead leaves? The cup is still intact and I have continued to water it. It appears reasonable happy in my bright, warm bathroom. The foliage is dark green with a few brown spots, but not many. Please advise.
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    Dead Bromeliad Blossom

    As soon as the blossom appeared, the "parent" rosette had begun to die, although it may surivive for another year or so. Offsets should appear at the base of the plant, close by the larger parent. When the offset is several months old, remove it with some roots attached, cutting as close to the parent as possible without damaging it, and plant it in the recommended potting soil. Keep the new plant warm until it is established.

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