1. Eric La Fountaine

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    The following was received via email:

    Hi, I have a 30 year old majestic birch that I can no longer get Cygon IIE to protect... can you suggest another product available here in Canada for me...
    Thanks... Paul / London, Ontario
  2. jimmyq

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    Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    if you have bronze birch borer you can try borer killer, it is from CIL or Wilsons and it contains Endosulfan. There are no systemic insecticides left in Canada for retail sale and only one systemic fungicide (Funginex) left. For the Birch you may consider hiring a professional arborist to assess the need and perhaps treat the tree for you as they are able (if they are licensed pesticide applicators) to get other products that may benefit the tree. There is a Mauget product (injectable thingies) that is available to professionals with a systemic product in it (havent looked into this for about 6 months, it may be gone now too)

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