Cutting back day lilies and gladiolas

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    We live in Zone 5 - Cleveland, Ohio. I am wondering if I cut back my day lilies and gladiolas if they will bloom again. I had heard that if you cut the day lilies back to the ground you will get new growth and new blooms. If this is true, is it too late in the season to do this? Day lily flowers have been gone for about a month now and the gladiola flowers are just finishing up now. Thank you in advance for any help!
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    Both these plants depend on storing nutrients from the leaves to fuel next year's growth...particularly the glads. So let the foliage die down on its own. If it is unbearably messy looking, tidy the leaves back behind a nice screening a black eyed susan, or fall aster. When the leaves are mostly yellow and sad, then you can trim them off.

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