curry leaf plant -brown leaf tips and yellow leaves

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    I have a tiny curry leaf plant i got a few months back. I have repotted it in a big container, as i read in another thread that it doesnt like moving in and out of containers frequently. So i set it up in a big container so i would not land up troubling the plant with repotting sessions for another 2-3 years.
    I applied root starter fertilizer (EB Organics Sure Start) during repotting and fertilized it with a tablespoon of EB Organics plant food every 2 months. Inspite of letting it dry out between waterings and keeping it in the afternoon-early evening sun, (My patio faces the west side, so thats all the sun i get) all bottom leaflets of the tiny plant have turned yellow and some fell on their own. Some leaves above the bottom leaves have brown leaf tips. The rest of the leaf is green but the tips are brown. New leaves take a awful lot of time to grow. Inb the enite summer, there have been only a new set of leaves on both the small branches the plant has.
    I dont see any insects clinging to it. There are no insects in the container soil. I have used organic potting soil, organic compost, organic fertilizer/plant food and use organic insecticidal spray made of neem oil. I dont understand where i am going wrong. How frequently should i fertilize? (the plant food i use has 5-5-5 strength) How frequently should i spray the insecticidal spray as a precautionary measure?
    Also, i read on another thread that i can spray water on the leaves cause they like humidity and dont do well in dry climate (which is the case in my part of the country). Is this true? Is it safe? Because i thought it is strongly advised to not water the plant leaves for fear of leaf rust etc etc..

    Please help me out.

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