cucumber (pickle plants) and gourds

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    This year I planted my cucumber (pickle plants) in an area of my garden
    where I also planted a few hills of "mixed gourds." My husband is concerned
    that the gourds are taking over and will affect the crop of pickles. Since
    the gourd plants rise above some of the pickle vines, he thinks the pickles
    won't get enough sun. Should I pull / cut back some of the gourd vines, or
    should the pickles do just fine????? So far they appear to be doing fine,
    lots of flowers and real tiny fruit. The past two years I have also had a
    problem with powdery mildew, so the plants died out prematurely. I'm hoping
    that changing their location in the garden as well as growing them with the
    gourds might help.

    I'd appreciate your feedback, as I truly love eating fresh pickles from the
    garden, as they are so sweet and tender (even more so then regular slicing

    Thanks for any advice you can provide

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