Cryptomeria japonica 'Lobbii'

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    This Cryptomeria japonica 'Lobbii' in Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC) near the Pavilion restaurant has a plaque saying it was planted by Sydney A. Pascall, President of Rotary International, commemorating his visit to Vancouver, June 14, 1932. @Nina Shoroplova, in Legacy of Trees: Purposeful Wandering in Vancouver's Stanley Park (Toronto, Canada: Heritage House Publishing Company Ltd, 2020) p. 104, notes that the plaque is rather far from the tree, but she was assured this is the tree it belongs to.
    These photos are from May 2020.
    Cryptomeria-japonicaLobbii_StanleyParkPavilion_Cutler_20200501_143450.jpg Cryptomeria-japonicaLobbii_StanleyParkPavilion_Cutler_20200501_143513.jpg Cryptomeria-japonicaLobbii_StanleyParkPavilion_Cutler_20200501_143611.jpg Cryptomeria-japonicaLobbii_StanleyParkPavilion_Cutler_20200501_143642.jpg
    These are from yesterday.
    Cryptomerica jamponica 'Lobbii'_Stanley Park Pavilion_Cutler_20221118_134758.jpg Cryptomerica jamponica 'Lobbii'_Stanley Park Pavilion_Cutler_20221118_134821.jpg
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    It's the first time I've seen these outgrowths on a branch, that look a bit like "chi-chi" that can be seen on old Ginkgos...
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    in 1853 Thomas Lobb obtained seed from trees in the Buitenzorg Botanic Garden, Java, to which they had been introduced by Siebold some thirty years earlier from Japan. Trees from this source have rather stiff, short branches, more tufted and bunchy at the ends, and not so elegant as the common form

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