Crown of Thorns

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    I'm having a lot of leaf drop on one of my crown of thorns and strange markings on the leaves. Does anyone know what this might be from? Over watering perhaps?

    On another plant I have an extreme mealy bug problem. Is there a quick fix for this or must I bath every leaf in soapy water with alcohol? With all the prickles I don't know how it can be done!

    Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!
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    I thought Euphorbia milii (Crown of thorns) were supposed to lose their leaves. Check out the second paragraph on the first reference I checked: Crown of Thorns Plant - Euphorbia milii Picture, Care Tips, says that lower leaves fall off as the plant ages and they do not grow back.

    For mealy bugs, I get alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it directly. It's probably just as effective to dilute it. You have to keep doing it (forever, on the plant where I have it), as the alcohol doesn't kill eggs already hatched, and you never really find all of the bugs. You could do a small area first to be sure the alcohol doesn't damage the plant.

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