corydalis scouleri won't bloom

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  1. I have 3 corydalis scouleri plants that for some reason refuse to bloom. This year they finally produced flower buds, however the buds were stunted and never fully developed. The plants appear to be otherwise happy, putting up large and beautiful leaves. There are no signs of pests other than the occasional aphid. Any ideas?
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    I can't really offer any advice, but I can commiserate with you because for the first time my clump of Corydalis scouleri is not blooming this year. Normally about this time there would be quite a few flower stems rising out of the clump. It's obviously happily situated because it's been seeding around its area in the garden for several years.

    Temperatures were about normal this past winter, but we did have an unusual dry spell in February. Perhaps the flowers are formed underground at that time?
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    Like the currently popular Asian species, these are coolworts, characterisitic of cold, damp places in the wild. I had one that nevered bloomed, petered out after some years. (I can't get the Asian ones to hang around, either).

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