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    This grouping is of what I think might be a Cortinarius? But not sure which? At first glance...even in the younger ones...the cap was a tan darkening to almost a deep rust-brown color. As they grew bigger noticible large 'cracing' occured. The gills would be from a green color to a purple. The under webbing which broke off only in some places was a light green tone to a yellowish. The stem started off pale...darkened to several different colors....I've never seen so MUCH color in ONE mushroom before! The stem was extremely bulbous. Almost as thick around as the actual mushroom cap. I took a broken cap home and got a deep rust colored spore print which is why I believe it to definately be a cort? The gills were attached to the stem and turned a deep purple on bruising/breakage. The odor was a tad strong...not attractive by my standards.
    Found in a mixed forest in NE Kansas with mostly Elm, Maple, Pawpaw, Cottonwood, with very few conifirus. Growing in center of busy hiking trail that recieved little to no direct sunlight. 9/18/08

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