Corn - best growing conditions?

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  1. Hello,
    I am about to venture into growing corn this year. Can anyone give me some tips about starting them from seed, or plant directly? Best foods? I have put a lot of star fish into the ground as well as sea weeds as most other veggies I've grown seem to like this, and I hear corn in a heavy feeder. My garden is in a well protected south facing area. I plan to grow it in a large raised bed.

    Any tips and tricks you could share are much appreciated :o)
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  3. Corn is very easy to grow. What I do is dig a trench, and throw the seeds in. Plant about an inch deep. They love nitrogen(The first number in the fert. formula). Around here I can get straight nitrogen, so that is what I do. The two best varieties for eating that I have found are 'Bodacious' and 'Incredible'. Harvest just before the silks dry completely. It also likes somewhat warm weather, 70-80F is best. Good Luck

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