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    24 August 2006
    The pictures have some explanation on lower left of the larger photograph.
    Since composting is an integral part of gardening, my expriences are presented. I turned over the pile today, and will not disturb this until it is removed for putting on the garden beds, probably in the spring 2007.

    All vegetable matter from the gardens is put through a yard machine to chop into small pieces. My neighbor adds grass cuttings from two large properties. I only get about three yards of compost from all this vegetation. It takes a great amount of garden waste to make any reasonable amount of compost.

    The city allows about half a yard of compost per vehicle per day free of charge during May of each year. The city compost is all vegetative and is screened. It is much better quality than what I produce.

    I am of the opinion that all those small composters in many peoples back yards should be abolished, and the city use large facilities for central composting. Instead of attracting insects snd rodents each household could have a sealed container for pick-up each week by the municipal waste disposal services. I suggest this would be more efficient in composting and is much more sanitary. The end result would be achieved in an efficient manner. This would be primarily for kitchen wastes, and some small garden stuff.

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    I want to compost but still want to be friends with neighbors. I saw a newer type of mechanical composter that looks like I could do the turning myself. I also don't feel that with my physical issue I could bend and turn comfortably. I am a novice this is my first year at having any kind of plants or flowers in my yard and I have lived herer 30 yrs. I have only a few and the first thing I planted was Cannas because they were pretty. I didn't plant them in any type of garden and now that I have learned the correct way they look funny :) I also didn't know they have to be dug up for the winter. I am glad, at this year I am, so I can start new next year, they are small and just this week I had a couple of blooms on one, I didn't expect any as I didn't do much follow up care. Nice to be here and love all the pictures of your flowers I have seen so far and can't wait to see the rest :)

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