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    I bought a colorado spruce in Dec.'05 for my indoor christmas tree. It was kept in the garage, then indoor for about 10 days, then out into the garage again till spring. It was carefully planted in awell prepared spot. It did well until April'06 when it began to go brown. I took a sample to a garden shop to find out it had aphids. I sprayed it with a v. fine spray of "diazanon"....their suggestion. Unfortunately I only sprayed the brown branches. Soon the brown overtook the whole tree. I sprayed the whole tree this time. A month later I saw new growth coming, starting at the top and slowly working it's way down. At this time the new growth is very sparse in the lower part of the tree. I can't remember if I fed the tree this spring. My question is what is my next move. Do I wait it out to see if the tree will fill out? Should I fertilize at this point, not knowing if I already fed it earlier? Do I spray again? (normally, Diazanon is my last resort. It is banned from sales in B.C.)Thank you in advance.

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