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    I'm getting a Kumquat and shikuwasa soon because they're cold hardy for our winters and I don't have to worry too much about the plant dying from the cold (though I will protect it) but I prefer to plant these in full soil, not in containers in the greenhouse (because that's where I can plant whatever i want).
    My question is, will such citrus survive warmer summers? Often I have potted citrus that get dried out leaves when the sun shines and the temperature rises above 32 °C, even during heat waves inside the greenhouse it gets to 50 °C.
    The greenhouse is 4.5m long, 3m wide and 2.7m high, the sunny side has a shade cloth because the whole thing gets plenty of sun light anyway and has 4 windows and a double door. Naturally I open up everything completely when temps rise above 25 °C but I just want to make sure that I'm not making a stupid decision of planting these in the greenhouse.
    As to why I want them in full soil:
    - I prefer to limit the citrus in containers
    - Full soil has better moisture management and root development for long term
    - no need to hassle with giant containers in the later phases.

    I cannot plant them outside the greenhouse because we get too much rain and in winter I want to protect them a bit more from the cold, because they develop fruit in the months we get frost.
    Our winter temperatures usually float around -4 to -7°C but last winter we had an exceptionally cold one of -10°C.
    I was going to cover them up with a fleece cover regardless but still, the summer is worrying me more.
    I do not have the accommodation or space to place ventilation systems in the greenhouse. Only the 4 windows and double door to open up.
    Is it possible to plant those citrus in the soil in my greenhouse and how do I keep them from drying out given the above mentioned conditions?
    Or is it completely impossible this way? If so I can let them stay in the greenhouse (fully wrapped in) in winter and during the spring/summer etc I can put them outside.

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