Clumping Bamboo Available in Burnaby - Free

Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Plant Swaps and Meetups' started by vitog, Feb 13, 2024.

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    I have a clump of Fargesia robusta “Green Screen” that will be removed this spring. If anyone wants part of this clump, they are welcome to take it away. I can cut a group of rhizomes of any size out of the cluster for transplanting, with or without attached culms. Note that the culms are mostly more than 10 ft tall; so, a truck would be useful for transporting them, although perhaps the rhizomes and culms could be transported on a car's roof , fastened to a rack. Or the culms could be cut short to fit any vehicle.

    If you are interested in this bamboo, please send me a private message (open a conversation).

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