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Discussion in 'Vines and Climbers' started by alkvinia kaye, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Im having trouble with passion vines planted last yr. They took off wonderfully and filled the side of my brick house then the heat came and dispite watering them they died back. By Dec they started coming back with some green but are puney now and so I fertilized. I also have replaced several climbing roses. They start out nicely then when the heat comes they die. I water deeply 2 times a week. I also have a multicolored leafed small flowered trumpet vine. It grew at first and now it is very puney but still living in shade. English ivy died. The calla lillies planted in shade came up very nicely. I know the desert is different than Iowa where Im from but they sell these plants here they should live. I have a watering system that I use 2 times a week in cooler weather and 3 times a week in hot weather. My rose bushes are doing nicely out of 15 only 4 died. I did have a brief battle with afids.Are you supposed to water cactus? I had a green thumb in Ia and here I have a black one. Anyone with help?
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    Passiflora need moist rich soil...with good drainage, fertiliser and watering should be regularly maintained, never let them dry out. What exposure are they S/W/N/E?

    Hedera (Ivy) will not tolerate the Az heat and lack of humidity. Never water your indigenous cacti unless there is unusually extreme drought.
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    Retailers often display locally unsuitable plants, particularly if the "they" you have mentioned is big box outlets etc. rather than independent garden centers.

    Pick up a copy of the Sunset WESTERN GARDEN BOOK with its plant encyclopedia section assigning Sunset Climate Zones to each plant described. You can find your Sunset climate using the zone maps near the front.

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