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    I am learning about Clematis and have some in my garden. Though I am having some difficulty consistently identifying pruning requirements as to being 1,2, or 3.
    I have:
    Dutchess of Edinburg
    Lincoln Star
    Viticella Etoile Violetta

    Which categories are each?
    Thank you
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    It is always a problem replying to someone out there in the ether! I hope you are in a warm zone... Maybe USDA Z8 as that is the zone for UBC Botanical garden! ( today there is a smattering of snow in this area, enough to make lawns look a bit messy and the mountains absolutely magnificent!)

    Sometimes we use A B and C for clematis pruning.

    A or 1 for more or less no pruning unless the clematis is about to take over house, fence, garage, tree etc Blooms are on previous years growth, and are in the early part of the year...

    B or 2 for clematis that are pruned lightly in late winter to keep
    good shape. These are mostly large flowered hybrids, blooming in late spring.

    C or 3 for clematis that may be pruned quite rigorously to perhaps 2 ft or so, usually smaller flowered hybrids which bloom on new groth in summer or early fall.

    Now to your clematis.

    'Paniculata' Here I am going to guess you mean C. terniflora , which is often called the Sweet Autumn Clematis. This is very very vigourous, evergreen for the past decade in the lower elevations in our area, producing masses of sweetly scented tiny white flowers in early autumn. You can take your pick with pruning A , B or C. I prune mine hard to keep it from taking over my entire back yard, but it is 10 years old! A younger plant would not be quite so threatening.

    Duchess of Edinburgh a classic B for pruning..

    Lincoln Star can be pruned B or C

    Niobe also B or C (let it get well established before thinking of pruning too hard!)

    the vitacellas come under C . All that happens if you don't prune is that the blooms get higher and higher up..which may be quite nice.

    Hope you have a great gardening year in 2004!

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