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    For those interested, the first part of my saga is in the thread, Planting Clematis - Do I Do It Deep?

    In 2006 I planted a clematis from President's Choice, a type 2 just identified as "Clematis...Clematis."

    In 2007 I got a few blooms.

    In 2008 I got a splendid show - hurrah! and mid summer, during a humid wilted. I cut it all down in mid August, even though that meant stimulating the plant to send forth buds and new growth that got nailed somewhat when fall set in.

    In spring of 2009....
    Latest progress report:

    my clematis did recover -- sort of. This year new shoots came up robustly - and the old growth (the part that actually grew late last summer) also sent forth new shoots.

    I have had to cut off almost all the old growth shoots because they wilted - most frustratingly, just before they were set to bloom. I've disposed of the damaged/diseased stems, and am hoping the fungus (?) hasn't spread, but I can't be sure.

    What's left seems reasonably healthy....I think.

    It will either recover....or it won't. I will keep everyone posted.

    For the record, I've added a little gentle fertilizer a few weeks back, and I'm keeping an eye on soil moisture. But I don't believe in pampering plants too much - so Clematis, you're on notice! My garden is too small for malingerers!

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