Clematis koreana?

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  1. Can anyone cast any light on the origin of Clematis Koreana ?
    I have a copy of Raymond Evison's book (printed 1993) and it does not mention koreana at all.
    Is this perhaps a synonym for another species ?
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    Clematis koreana Kom. is a valid name by all indications.

    Some synonyms for this plant include: Atragene koreana Kom., Clematis alpina (L.) Miller var. koreana (Kom.) Nakai, and C. komaroviana Koidz.

    My reference book is The Genus Clematis by Magnus Johnson, but you'll likely have more luck finding Rehder's Manual of Cultivated Trees and Shrubs at the library (if you are looking for a book reference).

    Also see: Clematis koreana in the Flora of China, which is one of our standard references at UBC Botanical Garden.

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