Classification of Acer following the Accepted Names in the Genus

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    The Maple Society Open Science Initiative is pleased to present a new classification of the species Acer following the Accepted Names in the genus.

    This new classification, edited by E. Davis, incorporates the work of the Maple Society Species Group to organize the list of Accepted Names in Acer, according to the organization proposed by Crowley, D (2020) in 'Acer' from the website Trees and Shrubs Online. (IDS). Crowley's work is itself an extension of the de Jong classification, last updated in 2002. Please note that while the classification differs from Flora of China at the Sectional level, it agrees at the Species level.

    You can find the full classification here Open Science at the Maple Society | The Maple Society.

    Acer opalus in flower
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    Just read it, excellent E.

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