Cherry Tree - One Limb Dying?

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by Newbee, Sep 3, 2008.

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    I have a cherry tree several years old - about 20' tall. The 3 years I've been its caretaker, it's been absolutely healthy and fine but this last month, one of its lower limbs/branches looks terribly sick. All the leaves have curled inwards and are turning yellow and the whole limb has flopped significantly. Otherwise the rest of the tree looks fine.

    My inclination is to remove the affected limb and chalk it up to maybe physical injury - it's a low-hanging limb and I have a vigorous grass mower. But I am concerned it may be a sign of other disease in the tree?

    Any thoughts or ideas gratefully received,

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    Like other stone fruits cherry trees are subject to multiple different bugs and blights. Since the branch appears to be a goner pruning it off sounds like a good idea. Finding out what, exactly caused it to die is a whole different matter. Down here you might be able to take it to a local USDA Cooperative Extension office and get help with diagnosis. Don't know what is available up there.

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