Cherry Prinsepia

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Charles Philip, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Prinsepia sinensis

    I am used to this plant being the first to leaf out in the spring, but January? Mine is a potted plant, grown from seed 2-3 years ago. I had it in the garage on the nights it dropped below -20 (probably not necessary) but it is on my deck now. It is beginning to open up its buds already! Anyone else? I live in Edmonton, AB.
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    If I were still living in Edmonton and this happened to me, I'd be thrilled. Moderately concerned, but fascinated and enjoying it. But I'm not, alas. Entirely different climate, warm and steamy in Florida. My spring flowering azaleas often start in December, once in November. Post autumn hurricane seems to be the instigator, cleaning lingering deciduous leaves and twigs from the canopy and dumping a lot of rain.

    While your Prinsepia sinensis would not likely survive in ground in Edmonton, you are apparently doing something right with container culture. What I'd suggest is that you are providing too encouraging an environment that is prompting early budding. Maybe too much water? In dormancy, you can let most trees and shrubs dry out a bit more. Maybe too late a feeding or too rich a soil? I'd offer that too much light could be a problem, knowing how dark it is there at this time of year, but maybe you have supplemental lighting for other plants or activities in your garage.

    Since I doubt you are growing this for fruit, being somewhat north of the hardiness limit, just enjoy it while maybe cutting back on light, food, water. Oh, and are you using any heating in your garage? That might also be a problem.

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