Cherries in Japan

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    Vancouver, BC Canada
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    like me !the thread is cherries ok, but if you found one interesting maple...;-)
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    First Posting of 2012
    I'm very sorry I couldn't post for a long time. I was busy and I had a difficulty for internet access and still I can't use my new PC well. But I had wrote some this winter. So I’d like to post what I wrote before I start new spring posting.

    Wrote at the end of January
    Koishikawa Botanical Garden in Snow
    Tokyo is having a colder winter than usual. It snowed a bit on the night of January 23 and some snow is still here and there.
    On the next day (January 24), I visited Koishikawa Botanical Garden. Everything was covered with snow and shining beautifully in the sun.

    20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 071.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 067.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 063.jpg
    20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 074.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 011_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 049.jpg

    I found Himaraya-zakura (Himalayan Cherry) was reddish brown and still had flowers on the branches. For 2 seasons it started blooming at the beginning of December or before and finished in the middle of December, then showed fresh green leaves during winter. But this winter flowers started to come out in the middle of December and they are still in bloom. People there said frost affected flowers and leaves. They are not healthy this year.

    20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 015_Himaraya-zakura.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 016_Himaraya-zakura.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 017_Himaraya-zakura.jpg

    Last year we had a very warm winter. Ume (Mume, Japanese apricot) was blooming at the New Year time and Kan-zakura had already started blooming on January 9. But this year I could only find a few half opened flowers on the branches of Kan-zakura and no Mume started blooming.

    20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 030_Kan-zakura.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 031_Kan-zakura.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 040_Kan-zakura.jpg

    Even Camellias had not started blooming. Sazanka, Autumn blooming Camellias were still blooming there. Except Sazanka, nothing were blooming and the garden was very quiet.
    20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 055.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 066.jpg
    20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 113.jpg 20120124_KoishikawaBotanicalGarden_Izaki 108.jpg

    This winter is very very dry, too. Before the snow on January 23, we didn’t have any rain for 35 days. And after the snow we haven’t have any rain. A Shortage of water might affect cherry flowers in spring. Also we had very warm autumn last year. It prevented the preperation of cherry buds.
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    In Tokyo, weather suddenly changed and it has been very warm about a week.
    Now Somei-yoshino started blooming. But still I have things I wrote before.

    (written in February)
    Tokyo is having colder winter than usual.
    On February 18, I visited Koishikawa Botanical garden to see Kan-zakura. But it was still the condition of just started blooming. It was very different from last year (January 9)and the year before the last(February 14)

    20120218_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 018.jpg 20120218_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 010.jpg . 20120218_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 017.jpg

    Cold winter affected Himraya-zakura badly. It is huddled up against the cold. Leaves are reddish green-brown and small. Last year it was healthy and green.

    20120218_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 006.jpg 20120218_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 003.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Written on March 11;

    On March 11, Kanza-zakura at Koishikawa Botanical Garden finally became full bloom. It is unbelievably slow. Last year and the year before the last, it became full bloom in the middle of February.

    20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 006.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 008.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 009.jpg

    Tokyo had a very very warm autumn last year. Even at the end of November, the temperature sometimes rose over 20 degree. It prevented cherries from preparing for next spring. Then suddenly very cold winter started and stayed very long. Now it is in March, the early spring month in Japan, but we are still having rather cold days. Mumes (Japanese apricots) are very slow, too. I think they are one month behind usual. Weeping type of Mume hasn't bloomed yet.
    20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 011.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 012.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 018.jpg
    20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 019.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 021.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 022.jpg

    Buds of Somei-yoshinos are still very hard and it will take long time before blooming.
    20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 001.jpg 20120311_KoishikawaBG_Kan-zakura&Mume_Izaki 003.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    April 7; Somei-yoshino Full Bloom
    Somei-yoshino became full bloom on Saturday, April 7 . It was very beautiful morning, but when I went to Koishikawa botanical Garden, it became cloudy and not as beautiful as it should be.

    20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 001.jpg 20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 002.jpg 20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 004.jpg
    20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 008.jpg 20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 011.jpg 20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 012.jpg

    Then I went to my in-law's. There also Somei -yoshinos were full bloom and beautiful.

    20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 014.jpg 20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 017.jpg 20120407_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 018.jpg

    Tokyo had very cold days till March 26. I went to Shinjuku Gyoen Park that day and found early blooming cherries like Kawazu-zakura was still blooming and O-kan-zakura was just started. Yoko hadn’t started blooming at all and buds of Somei-yoshinos’ were very hard yet.

    20120326_ShinjukuGyoen_Izaki 011_Okame.jpg 20120326_ShinjukuGyoen_Izaki 065_Okan-zakura.jpg 20120326_ShinjukuGyoen_Izaki 070_Okan-zakura.jpg
    20120326_ShinjukuGyoen_Izaki 067.jpg

    But from the next day, March 27, weather changed and became rather warm. Temperature started to boom up to 20 degrees. On the evening of March 30, I noticed Somei-yoshinos on Harima-zaka Road started to bloom. (I went Koishikawa Botanical Garden just before I went to Harima-zaka for shopping and found buds of Somei-yoshinos’ were still hard)

    At Harima-zaka
    20120330_Harima-zakaRoad_Izaki 003_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20120330_Harima-zakaRoad_Izaki 004_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20120330_Harima-zakaRoad_Izaki 010.jpg
    Koishikawa Botanical garden
    20120330_KoishikawabotanicalGarden_Izaki 035_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20120330_KoishikawabotanicalGarden_Izaki 036_Somei-yoshino.jpg

    Somei-yoshino became full bloom in very short time this year. This year spring was slow and this kind of year, we’ll have very short cherry blossom season.
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Now I started working and in Tokyo gardens close at 4:30!! 
    So I couldn’t visit any famous garden this year. But I found "Tokyo Cherry Blossom Report" in English.
    You can enjoy beautiful pictures taken by professionals.

    April 9, 2012
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    wonderful !!ultra nice pics!:))) many thanks!
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Now Im working at reclaimed part of Ichikawa city in Chiba Prefecture where not many big cherries exist. So on April 9, I visited old part of Ichikawa to see a 400-year-old cherry after work. It locates at a temple called Mama-san Guho-ji. It can trace back to 737 AD. It locates on the top of the stairs. san of Mama-san is same as Fuji-san and it means mountain. Most of temples have san in their name even if they locate on flat land. I think mountains means sacred places where gods and sprits live. There is a gate and a belfry. Now the main building is made of concrete.

    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 001.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 005.jpg
    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 030.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 038.jpg

    400-year-old cherry is Shidare-zakura called Fuse-hime-zakura. It means lying princess.Shidare-zakura is a weeping kind of Edo-higan. Calyx shapes are urceolate like beads are inside.

    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 007.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 008.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 016.jpg
    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 037.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 035.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 036.jpg

    There is a Yae-beni-shidare tree near by. There are many Somei-yoshino trees near by and in the graveyard.

    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 009.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 010.jpg
    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 024.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 039.jpg

    There are a small temple and one small shidare-zakura and a cherry looks like Sendai-shidare are in the garden.

    20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 044.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 048.jpg 20120409_Ichikawa_MamaTemple&shrije_Izaki 046.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Today is already April 30 and already all the cherrys, even Kanzan and Fgenzo finished in Tokyo. And now Somei-yoshinos are full bloom in Tohoku region, northern part on main island of Japan. But I post I couldn't post before.

    On Monday, April 10. Somei -yoshinos were at the peek bloom everywhere around Tokyo. I visited Chidori -ga -fuchi Moat to see illumination of cherries. This year, cherries were a bit behind the schedule and illumination was extended until April 10. So I thought not many people knew it. But there were so many people and it was very crowded.

    20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 005.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 007.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 010.jpg

    But Cherries were so beautiful!! They were just beyond the peek bloom and we could see some petals on the water. My camera couldn't take the atmosphere well. But still they are beautiful!

    20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 002.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 009.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 011.jpg
    20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 025.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 030.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 035.jpg
    20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 036.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 044.jpg 20120410_2Chidori-ga-fuchi_Somei-yoshino_Izaki 051.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Gyotoku area, where I’m working now, locates in the south part of Ichikawa City, next to Urayasu city. Urayasu had severe damage of liquefaction soon after the earthquake last year. Gyotoku is also reclaimed land but it is older than Urayasu.
    Anyway there aren’t famous cherry trees, but Somei-yoshinos were full bloom in schools, kinder garden, and condos on April 10, 2012.

    20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 001.jpg 20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 002.jpg
    20120409_Minami-gyotoku_Izaki 003.jpg 20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 004.jpg

    But one school has a lot of Oshima-zakuras around school. It was the first time I had seen school surrounded by Oshima.

    20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 006.jpg 20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 009.jpg 20120409_Minami-gyotoku_Izaki 008.jpg

    There is one Yama-zakura in the garden.

    20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 011.jpg 20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 014.jpg 20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 012.jpg

    Near-by one Yoko was blooming. Yoko is early blooming cherry so it was unusual to bloom with Somei-yoshinos.

    20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 016.jpg 20120410_1Minami-gyotoku, Ichkawa_Chiba_Izaki 017.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    First Posting of 2013

    March 2nd, 2013, Kanzakura in Full Bloom in Koishikawa Botanical Garden
    (I’m sorry. I’m much behind the date!!)
    I visited Koishikawa Botanical Garden on March 2, 2013 and finally found Kan-zakura there was almost full bloom.
    20130302_KoiahikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9288_Kan-zakura.jpg 20130302_KoiahikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9291_Kan-zakura.jpg 20130302_KoiahikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9293_Kan-zakura.jpg

    No other cherries had started yet and only some Mumes (Japanese Apricots) were blooming. The Garden looked like still winter.
    20130302_KoiahikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9302_Mume.jpg 20130302_KoiahikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9305_Mume.jpg 20130302_KoiahikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9306_Mume.jpg

    The Himalayan cherry which must show young green leaves in winter was miserable condition. I couldn’t see any signs of life in the tree.
    20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9332_Himaraya-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9333_Himaraya-zakura.jpg

    This year we were having very cold winter from the beginning of December 2012. Himaraya-zakura which usually blooms in December bloomed in January. Then it snowed about 13 cm (that means rather heavy snow in the center part of Tokyo) on January 14 and because of the coldness snow stayed very long. These are the pictures I took on January 19, after 5 days.

    2013-01-19 20130119_KoishikawaBG_Izaki 004.jpg 2013-01-19 20130119_KoishikawaBG_Izaki 008.jpg
    2013-01-19 20130119_KoishikawaBG_Izaki 002.jpg 2013-01-19 20130119_KoishikawaBG_Izaki 009.jpg 2013-01-19 20130119_KoishikawaBG_Izaki 017.jpg

    We could see some snow until February 1st.
    From Februay 2, we sometimes had a few warm days but basically it stayed cold. I hope it survives this winter, too.
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    March 8, Koishikawa Botanical Garden in spring colors
    From March 3, it warmed up suddenly and the highest temperatures often went over 17 degrees.

    On March 8, I visited the Botanical Garden again.
    Suddenly some cherries are started to show colors.
    Kan-zakura was now really in full bloom or a bit beyond the peek.
    20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9342_Kan-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9345_Kan-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9344_Kan-zakura.jpg

    Kanhi-zakura (Cerasus campanulata) showed colors and just a few flowers opened.
    20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9328_kanhi-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9329_kanhi-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9331_kanhi-zakura.jpg

    Two small cherries which have the signs of Soshun-zakura had just some flowers open.
    20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9334A_Soshun-zakura.JPG 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9336_Soshun-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9335_Soshun-zakura.jpg

    Okan-zakura even had some flowers open.
    20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9364_Okan-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9365_Okan-zakura.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9367_Okan-zakura.jpg

    Mumes became nearly peak bloom.
    20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9354_Mume.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9346_Mume.jpg 20130308_KoishikawaBG_Izaki_IMGP9358_Mume.jpg

    Kawazu-zakura on Harima-zaka Road (outside of the garden) was full bloom, too.
    20130308_HarimazakaRoad_Izaki_IMGP9373_Kawazu-zakura.jpg 20130308_HarimazakaRoad_Izaki_IMGP9375_kawazu-zakura.jpg 20130308_HarimazakaRoad_Izaki_IMGP9380_Okan-zakura.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    March 11 was a very beautiful day. But unfortunately it was Monday and Higashi-Gyoen of the Imperial Palace was not open. So I walked from Takebashi Station to Kitanomaru Park and saw early blooming cherries.
    There are 6 Kanhi-zakura by the moat. Kanhi-zakura is native to Taiwan and Okinawa.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 011.jpg 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 010.jpg 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 009.jpg

    Okan-zakura near the police box had just started blooming.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 018.jpg 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 019.jpg 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 024.jpg

    There were 2 Himaraya-hizakura blooming near the Cherry Garden in the Kitanomaru Park. They looked like Kanhi-zakura from far but they were blooming with young leaves.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 028.jpg 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 031.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 032.JPG
    There also Kanhi-zakuras were blooming.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 027.jpg 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 036.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 037.JPG

    In Cherry garden, Kan-zakura had finished and miserable fuyu-zakuras were still blooming.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 039.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 040.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 042.JPG

    1 Kawazu-zakura one was beyond the peak bloom but the other one was blooming beautifully.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 043.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 047.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 048.JPG

    There was one unknown cherry which didnt have a name plate. It looked like Himawaya-hizakura a bit but it bloomed without leaves. It also has longer pedicels than Kanhi-zakura.
    2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 049.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 050.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 055.JPG

    At Chidoriga-fuchi Moat buds of the Somei-yoshino became green. I thought they would start blooming in a week.
    20130311_Chidorigafuchi&WarMemorial_Izaki1_Somei-yoshino.JPG 2013-03-11 20130311_Takebashi&KitanomaruPark_Izaki 061.JPG 20130311_Chidorigafuchi&WarMemorial_Izaki2_Somei-yoshino.JPG

    There were some small cherries blooming there. They looked like Kawazu-zakura, but they have name plates of Shuzenji-kanzakura. The small book of Gakken says Shuzenji-kanzakura has smooth sepals and even colored petals. Kawazu-zakura has serrated sepals and shaded colored petals.
    20130311_Chidorigafuchi&WarMemorial_Izaki5_Shuzenji-kanzakura.JPG 20130311_Chidorigafuch_IMGP9466_Shuzenji-kanzakura.jpg 0130311_Chidorigafuchi&WarMemorial_Izaki9_Shuzenji-kanzakura.JPG

    There is an unnamed cherry blooming there. It has plenty of small flowers.
    20130311_Chidorigafuchi_Izaki_unknown_IMGP9473.jpg 20130311_Chidorigafuchi_Izaki_unknown_IMGP9474.jpg 20130311_Chidorigafuchi_Izaki_unknown_IMGP9476.jpg

    In War Memorial, there were 4 beautiful cherries which looked like Okan-zakura.
    IMGP9481.jpg IMGP9483.jpg IMGP9484.jpg

    On my way to the garden I saw Shina-mizakura (Cerasus pseudocerasas) in a school ground and when I came back I saw it in Jinbo-cho.
    20130311_Jinbocyo_Shina-mizakura_IMGP9486.jpg 20130311_Jinbocyo_Shina-mizakura_IMGP9488.jpg 20130311_Jinbocyo_Shina-mizakura_IMGP9489.jpg

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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Koishikawa Botanical Garden on March 15.
    (I'm still very much behind the date!)
    We are having very warm and funny spring. On March 10, the temperature rose sharply over 25 degrees in Tokyo.
    In Fukuoka and Miyazaki prefecture, Somei-yoshino started to bloom on March 13.
    The Somei-yoshino near my condo had a few flowers open on March 15.
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan_Izaki 001_Somei-yoshino.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 003_Somei-yoshino.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 004_Somei-yoshino.jpg
    But the Meteorological Agency announced the blooming of the standard tree in Tokyo on March 16.

    On March 15 after I saw flowers of Somei-yoshino, I visited Koishikawa Botanical Garden.
    There were no Somei-yoshinos blooming.
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 009_Somei-yoshino.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 018_Somei-yoshino.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 019_Somei-yoshino.jpg

    But the garden changed a lot. Kanhi-zakura was in full bloom.
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 012_Kanhi-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 013_Kanhi-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 017.jpg
    Kanzaki-oshima had started blooming.
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 039_Kanzaki-Oshima.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 041_Kanzaki-Oshima.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 043_Kanzaki-Oshima.jpg
    Soshun-zakuras which had just started blooming on March 8 was beyond the peak bloom.
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 027_Soshun-zakura_Soshun-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 029_Soshun-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 030_Soshun-zakuraSoshun-zakura.jpg
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 033_Soshun-zakuraSoshun-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 034_Soshun-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 037_Soshun-zakura.jpg
    Okan-zakuras were blooming beautifully.
    2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 082_Okan-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 075_Okan-zakura.jpg 2013-03-15 20130315_Hakusan&KoishikawaBG_Izaki 076_Okan-zakura.jpg

    Azaleas were blooming beautifully and Kan-zakura became green.
    Many Magnolia kobus were blooming and Tosa-mizuki (Corylopis spicata),too.
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    March 19,2013
    It was a very beautiful day, I went to Higashi-gyoen ( East Garden of Imperial Palace ) and Kitanomaru Park with my friends.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 001_WadakuraFountainPark.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 006_Moat.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 011.jpg

    Several shidare-zakuras at Ote Gate started blooming but they were not in good shape because of strong pruning.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen_012_Beni-shidare.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen_015_Beni-shidare.jpg

    Somei -yoshinos were not so much blooming but in Ninomaru Garden, Koshino-higans were blooming beautifully. It looks pink from far, but petals are white color. Dark pink sepals and calyxes made flowers looks pink.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 037_Koshino-higan.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 039_Koshino-higan.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 042.jpg

    In Honmaru (Main Circle) area, Amagi-yoshinos were blooming beautifully. It has large flowers.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 043_Amagi-yoshino.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 047_Amagi-yoshino.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 086_Amagi-yoshino.jpg

    At one corner, 4 kind of cherries were making gradation of pale pink.
    Far left is Edo-higan tree, just started to bloom. It has white to pale pink petals. But because of dark pink sepals and calyxes wade the tree looks dark pink.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 050.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 051.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 054_Higan-zakura.jpg
    The next one was Koshino-higan, full bloom. It was one of the wild varieties of Edo-higan specific to Koshi Province. Its flowers are bigger than usual Edo-higan.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 056.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 057_koshino-higan.jpg
    The tree behind Koshino-higan was Ko-higan. "Ko" of Ko-higan means “small”. It is a hybrid of Edo-higan and Mame-zakura. It can be only 2 to 3 meters and its flowers are also small.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 059.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 060.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 062_Ko-higan.jpg
    The far right was Somei-yoshino which was just started to bloom. Its sepals and calyxes aren’t dark pink so it looks whiter from far.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 065.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 066.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 069_Somei-yoshino.jpg

    There were Shidare-zakura and Kanhi-zakura.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 070.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 072_shidare-zakura.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 074_Kanhi-zakura.jpg

    Ryukyu-kanhi-zakura was finishing.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 107_Ryukyu-kan=zakura.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 105.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 106.jpg
    Oshima-zakura on the base of Tenshukaku hasn't started yet. I haven't seen it blooming yet!! There were more doble cherries to come.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 112.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 114.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 111.jpg

    Niwa-ume (Prunus japonica) was blooming beautifully.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 076_niwa-ume.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 077.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 078_Niwa-ume.jpg
    Hana-momos (Prunus persica) were beautiful in front of Toukagakudo building. Also we saw flowering peaches called Yakan, too.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 048.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 089_Yakan.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 088.jpg
    There were many other flowers like haru-sazanka(Camellia x vernalis), Mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha) and Magnolias blooming.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 030_Haru-sazanka.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 027_Mitsumata.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 084.jpg

    We went out of the East Garden from Kita-hanebashi-mon Gate. There beautiful pink cherry looked like Yoko (no name plate) was blooming.Okan-zakura near the police box became full bloom.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 115_Yoko.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 117_Yoko.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 121.jpg

    Cherry Garden in Kitanomaru Park changed a lot in only 7 days.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 122.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 123.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 126.jpg
    Somei-yoshinos there were blooming more.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 133.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 135.jpg 20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 134.jpg
    But in Kitanomaru Garden, they weren’t blooming so much. Just Beni-shidares were started to bloom.

    Somei-yoshinos in Chidoriga-fuchi Moat began to bloom beautifully.
    20130319_Higashi-gyoen&KitanomaruPark 146.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    March 22、2013, Part 1.
    Hama-rikyu Park and Water Bus to Sumida Park

    Somei -yoshino became more than half bloom in Tokyo now and I had a cherry walk with my friend.
    First we went to Hama-rikyu Park where I visited with Linda Poole for illumination.
    The park was very beautiful under day light.Canola were blooming beautifully.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 064.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 004.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 005.jpg
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 021.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 024.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 034.jpg

    There were Somei -yoshinos.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 038.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 041.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 026.jpg
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 032.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 057.jpg
    But there weren't so many cherries blooming.There were Oshima and Yama-zakura.
    Japanese Maples were started to show green or reddish leaves.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 031.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 017.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 025.jpg

    At one corner Somei -yoshino, Hana-momos (flowering peaches) and one delicate looking cherry were making beautiful contrast of colors.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 044.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 052.jpg
    I went close to check the delicate cherry and was surprised.
    Became it was Autumnalis (Left tree) full bloom in spring condition.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 045.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 048.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 049.jpg
    Hana-momo (Flowering Peach,Prunus persica ) were cute and pretty.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 053.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 055.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 054.jpg

    There were many cherries still not blooming. Hama-rikyu is famous for double cherries. I hope to come and report them.

    Then we took a river bus to go up Sumida River from Hama-rikyu to Senso-ji Temple.
    There are some cherry spots by the river. It takes about 50 minutes and it goes under 13 bridges. We enjoyed our ride.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 065.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 067.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 071.jpg
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 076.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 078.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 081.jpg

    We got off the ship at Senso-ji. There is a very famous Hanami spot on both sides of Sumida River. Hanami at Sumida River Park has been very famous since the middle of Edo Period. Now there are about 600 cherry trees in the area.
    Also Tokyo Skytree, TV tower of 634 meter, was built the other side of Senso-ji last year. Now we can see Tokyo Sky tree and cherries when you get off the river bus.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 084.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 087.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 089.jpg

    We walked by the river watching cherries. Cherries there are mostly Somei -yoshino but there were some Shidare-zakura, too.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 090.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 102.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 094.jpg
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 091.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 092.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 093.jpg

    Also I saw some Okan- zakura beyond the peak bloom. They became dark pink color and looked very different. There are also some Beni-shidare.
    20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 107.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 108.jpg 20130322_Hama-rikyu&Senso-ji_Izaki 113.jpg
  18. eteinindia

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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    It’s already April 8, now Somei-yoshino finished completely and Double Cherries are beautiful. We are enjoying new leaves of Maples and Japanese zelkovas and so on. But I’m still writing about March 22. Sorry.

    March 22、2013, Part 2.
    Senso-ji & Skytree

    Then we walked to Senso-ji Temple from the side gate and worshiped gods. It locates in Asakusa.
    Senso-ji is the most popular spot for people from overseas.
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 121_Side Gate.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 122_Asakusa Shrine.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 123_Main Gate backside.jpg
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 124_Main Hall.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 125_view from Main Hall.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 130_Five-story tower.jpg

    We went to Dempo-in Temple located inside Senso-ji compound. It is famous for Japanese garden with cherries. Two Beni-shidares were at the peak bloom and very beautiful.
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 134_BEni-shidare1.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 136_Beni-shidare2.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki_137 _Beni-shidare1.jpg
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 139_Beni-shidare1.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 140_Beni-shidare2.jpg

    It is a circuit style garden making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden. It isn’t big but the view changes when you walk around.
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 131.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 149.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 150.jpg
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 153.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 156_Oshima-zakura.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 158.jpg

    There were other things to see in Denpo-in.
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 163_JapaneseMaple.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 160.jpg
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 166_Denpo-in.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 167_Denpo-in.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 168.jpg

    We browsed Nakamise shops a bit.
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 175.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 174.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 170.jpg
    20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 177_FrontGate.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 178_FrontGate.jpg 20130322_Senso-ji_Izaki 179_Front Gate.jpg

    Then we decided to visit Tokyo Skytree and took a train to the next station.
    20130322_Skytree_Izaki 180.jpg 20130322_Skytree_Izaki 181.jpg

    After we arrived there we knew it was so crowded and we had to wait for 2 and half hours. We gave up climbing Skytree and had a drink at the restaurant on the 31st floor in the connecting building. We enjoyed our walk very much.
    20130322_Skytree_Izaki 182.jpg 20130322_Skytree_Izaki 183.jpg 20130322_Skytree_Izaki 184.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    March 23, 2013 Mitsu-ike Park & Sankei-en Park

    On Saturday, March 23, I went to Mitsu-ike Park & Sankeien Park with my husband for the first time. Both locate in Yokohama City and it took more than 1 hour to get there using trains and a bus.

    The website says Mitsu-ike Park has over 1600 cherry trees of 78 varieties in the land of 73 acre. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rather cold but Somei-yoshinos were full bloom in Tokyo and Yokohama. In spite of bad weather a lot of people came to the park.
    Mitsu-ike means 3 ponds. It is a prefectural park. There are many cherries planted around the ponds and on the slopes around the ponds. So when you walk, the scenery changes. It must be very beautiful under blue sky.
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 039.jpg 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 046.jpg 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 065.jpg
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 106.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 115.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 122.JPG
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 133.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 135.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 060.jpg

    There were some dark pink cherries standing up very much. They were Yokohama-hizakura, I thought petals are a bit darker pink than Yoko. It is a hybrid of Kenroken-Kumagai and Kanhi-zakura. It was made by a man lived in Yokohama. So they use it for the prefectural park .
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 025_Yokohama-hizakura.jpg 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 109_Yokohama-hizakura.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 112_Yokohama-hizakura.JPG

    Mitsu-ike Park is a park for cherry lovers. Not only there are so many cultivars, but also most of the cherries have name plates. You can compare cherries very easily.
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 073_Oshima.jpg 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 015_Oshima.jpg 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 018_Oshima.jpg
    There were some double cherries which had just started to bloom.
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 125_Usugasane-oshima.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 127_Usugasane-oshima.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 128_Usugasane-oshima.JPG
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 142_Yae-beni-oshima.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 146_Yae-beni-oshima.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 147_Yae-beni-oshima.JPG
    20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 091.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 086.JPG 20130323_Mitsuikepark&SankeienPark_Izaki 088.JPG

    Then we went to Sankeien Garden. It is one of the most famous gardens in Yokohama Prefecture. It originally was a private property owned by a very wealthy businessman. He designed the garden himself and brought the buildings of historical importance from places like Kyoto and Kamakura and rebuilt them in his garden of 175,000㎡(≒43 acre). He opened his garden to the public in 1906.

    When we arrived there, it became darker because of cloudy weather. It wasn't good for photos. Also it isn't a garden for cherry quest. Most of the cherries there were Somei -yoshino, Shidare- zakura Yama-zakura and some cherries like Oshima, but no name plates. The handout said there were 3 rare cherries from Gifu Prefecture, but I couldn't find them.
    20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 172.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 174.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 180.JPG
    20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 183.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 188.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 195.JPG

    But it is a nice landscape Garden and you can see old Japanese style houses. So it is good for foreigners who don't have time to visit other places.
    Young leaves of Japanese maple started to come out when Somei-yoshino became full bloom.
    20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 181.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 212.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 216.JPG
    20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 211.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 217.JPG 20130323_SankeienPark_Izaki 215.JPG
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    It's April 17, 2013 today. In Tokyo, because of unusual warm spring weather, cherries were very quick and almost all the cherries, even Kanzans and Fugenzos finished now.

    So nowadays I had to go very far to take pictures of cherries. Today I took a bus tour to Fukushima. Fukushima prefecture was beaten by the earthquake and nuclear disaster two years ago. Ocean side parts still have a long way to go, but inner parts tried hard to restore their former life.

    Today I saw Taki-Zakura in Miharu ( center part of Fukushima Prefecture ). It is one of three most famous cherry trees which lived more than 1000 years.
    20130417_Fukushima1_Miharu_Shidare-zakura_cell_Izaki1.jpg 20130417_Fukushima1_Miharu_Sidare-zakura_cell2_Izaki.jpg

    Also I went to Hanami-yama in Fukushima city ( northern part of Fukushima prefecture ). It is a hill with many kinds of flowers( not only cherries).
    20130417_Fukushima2_Hamnamiyama_cell1.jpg 20130417_Fukushima2_Hanami-yama_Cell2_Izaki.jpg
    I'll report details of the trip later.

    I'm not working this year so I went so many places almost every day. I was too busy and too tired to post those. I haven't posted even my trip to Kyoto on March 25 and 26.
    But today will be the last outing because I can't go farther without using bullet trains or planes. I promise to report those trips and double cherries in Tokyo area . For three years, I posted early blooming cherries and some ones blooming with Somei-yoshinos, but not double cherries. There are too many kinds of double cherries and I became behind the time and cherry scouts season finished before I post about double cherries. But this year I will even cherry season finishes.
    So I apologize first that my posting will be out of time.
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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Hi Mariko! I was just about to include the Miharu Taki-zakura in cherry notes for the VanDusen Guides. It is a Beni-shidare-zakura and of course, VanDusen has 25 of them in the garden. The guides might take special interest if they thought one of the 25 could make it to a thousand years.

    Can you confirm that Taki-zakura means the Waterfall Cherry?

    Do the other two trees in the top three have their own names and addresses too?

    Thank you for your strong eyes and notes on the sakura home front.
  22. eteinindia

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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Hi, Anne!
    Yes! Taki means waterfall. So Taki-zakura (google translation of japanese Wikipedia site)means the Waterfall Cherry.
    And it is a Beni-shidare but it isn’t grafted so I don’t think VanDusen ones can live so long. But it is still same cultivar cherry.

    Yes, they do have their own names. One is Yamataka Jindai-zakura in Yamanashi Prefecture. It is the oldest cherry tree in Japan which is supposed to live about 2000 years.
    The other one is Neodani Usuzumi-zakura in Gifu Prefecture. It is supposed to live about 1500 years.
    Both are Edo-higan but not weeping.

    The Google translation of Japanese site about famous cherries and cherry site
    (Google translation is always very wrong. But still you can see pictures I believe.)

    Varieties of cherry blossom
  23. eteinindia

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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Day 1 of my trip to Kyoto (Part 3 Kyoto Gyoen)

    Then I took a bus to the Imperial palace (Kyoto Gyoen). Most of the palace garden is closed for public. We have to apply beforehand to enter the main part.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 092 _KYotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 168_KyotoGyoen.jpg

    But Konoe Garden locates outside of the closed garden (near North-west corner) and very close to the North Gate.
    It was a marvelous sight. There were at least 20 grown-up Shidare- zakuras blooming and 10 Yae-bebi-shidare ( can be Beni-shidare) not blooming yet. Every Shidare- zakura have their own shapes.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 094_KyoroGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 095_KyoroGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 097_KyoroGyoen.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 098_KyoroGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 102_Kyotogyoen_Beni-shidare.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 121_KyotoGyoen.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 104_KyoroGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 103.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 105_KyoroGyoen.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 117_KyotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 106_KyoroGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 108_KyotoGyoen.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 123_KyotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 124_KyotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 152_KyotoGyoen.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 128_KyotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 129_KyotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 130.jpg

    There are 4 types of flowers. They can divide into 2 by size and shape of petals, small and narrow ones like Beni-shidare in VanDusen and a little wider and bigger ones. Some of them might be the different stage of blooming of 2 kinds of trees or all of them can be different. (I haven’t kept my eyes on 1 Beni-shidare for the change of colors.)

    White & wide petals
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 119_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-type1.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 110_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-type1.jpg
    Tinted pink and wide petals
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 150_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-type2.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 164_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-Type2.jpg
    Tinted pink and narrow petals
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 165_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-Type3.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 167_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-type3.jpg
    White and narrow petals with leaves
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 113_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-type4.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 115_KyotoGyoen_Shidare-type4.jpg

    There was a corner where some Hana-momos (flowering peaches) were blooming in front of Yama-zakuras.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 136_KyotoGyoen_FloweringPeach.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 138_KyotoGyoen_FloweringPeach.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 161_KyotoGyoen_Yama-zakura.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 147_KyotoGyoen_Yama-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 144_KyotoGyoen.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 146_KyotoGyoen_Yama-zakura.jpg
    I took too many pictures and became short of batteries. So I went back to the hotel to charge them before going to illuminations.
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Day 1 of my trip to Kyoto
    (Part 2 Kitano-tenmangu Shrine & Senbon Shakado Temple )

    Then I walked to Kitano-tenmangu Shrine. It is famous for Mume, Japanese apricot. Unfortunately they had almost finished.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 044_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 045_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 046_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 049_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 056_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 058_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg
    But there must be some ceremony and a shrine maiden was dancing in a shrine and small girls were clothes and hairstyle of Heian Period. It was very interesting.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 052_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 053.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 054_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 059_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 061_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 063_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg
    Outside of the temple, there were many stalls selling clothes and antiques. There were old style Kyoto houses, too.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 065_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 066_Kitano-Tenman-gu.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 067_Tenman-gu to Shaka-dou.jpg

    Then I walked to Senbon-shakado Temple.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 071_Senbon-Shakado.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 072_Senbon-Shakado_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 074_Senbon-Shakado_Shidare-zakura.jpg
    It is famous for the cherry tree called Okame-zakura. It really is a Shidare-zakura but named after a woman who killed herself on behalf of her husband's job.
    It wasn't an old cherry tree, but it was a most healthy and well-shaped one I've ever seen. The branches were almost touching the ground. It looked same from all direction.
    There's a stature of Okame at the back of the tree.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 077_Senbon-Shakado_Shidare-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 078_Senbon-Shakado_Shidare-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 079_Senbon-Shakado_Shidare-zakura.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 081_Senbon-Shakado_Shidare-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 083_Senbon-Shakado_Shidare-zakura.jpg
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    Tokyo, Japan but I still miss Vancouver
    Day 1 of my trip to Kyoto
    (Part 1 Kinkaku-ji Temple & Hirano Shrine )

    I had two-days-trip to Kyoto to see cherries on March 25 and 26.
    In Tokyo we had a strange warm weather and Somei-yoshino started blooming on March16.(tie to the earliest record in 2002) The Meteorological Agency declared Somei-yoshino became full bloom on March 22.(just one day later than the earliest record in 2002)

    But unfortunately in Kyoto weather stayed as usual. Somei-yoshino started to bloom on March 23, just 2 days earlier than usual. So on March 25th, Somei-yoshinos were just 10 to 20 percent bloom and not worth viewing. But there are many famous Sidare-zakuras in Kyoto and some early blooming cherries.
    Kyoto Tower at Kyoto Station
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 001_KyotoStation.JPG
    I bought one day pass of Kyoto bus lines and arrived at the hotel in Shijo-Karasuma about noon. I went to the Tourist Desk and got the information of the place where cherries were worth looking and the light up had started.
    After I had a quick lunch, I took a bus to Kinkakuji Temple. It is famous for the Golden Pavilion. It wasn't a recommendation for cherries but I thought I should have seen it when I came to Kyoto. There were some Somei–yoshinos not blooming. The Golden Pavilion was worth viewing just once, but not for cherry lovers. There was just 1 Edo-higan blooming but no other cherries.
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 003_Kinkaku-ji.JPG 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 007_Kinkaku-ji.JPG
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 008_Kinkaku-ji.JPG 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 016_Kinkaku-ji.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 015_kinkaku-ji_HIgan-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 012_kinkaku-ji_HIgan-zakura.JPG 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 011_kinkaku-ji_HIgan-zakura.JPG

    Then I took a bus to Hirano Shrine. It is only famous for cherries especially for early blooming ones.
    This was my first visit so I went in from the back gate. There Yokos, Autumnalis, Kobuku-zakura (I’m not quite sure) and Higan-zakura were blooming.
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 020_HiranoShrine.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 025_HIranoshrine_Yoko.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 026HiranoShrine_Jugatsu&Kobuku.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 029__HIranoshrine_Autumnalis.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 031B_HIranoshrine_Kobuku-zakura.JPG 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 040_HiranoShrine_Higan-zakura.jpg
    Also Somei-yoshinos there were blooming more than other places. There were many stalls under cherries.
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 041_HiranoShrine_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 043_HiranoShrine_Somei-yoshino.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 044_HiranoShrine_Somei-yoshino.jpg
    There was a wonderful shaped Shidare-zakura near the main shrine.
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 053_HiranoShrine_Sidare-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 049_HiranoShrine_Sidare-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 050_HiranoShrine_Sidare-zakura.jpg
    Also there were 1 Beni-shidare by the path from the main gate and 1 shidare-zakura near the gate to main Hall.
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 065_HiranoShrine_Beni-shidare.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 066_HiranoShrine_Sidare-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 002_HiranoShrine_Sidare-zakura.jpg

    In the main shrine, there was a famous Momo-zakura finishing. It is said to bloom first in Kyoto. It’s another name of Shinami-zakura.
    Main Hall and Small shrine in the Main Shrine
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 019_HiranoShrine_MainHall.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 074_HiranoShrine_.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 070_HiranoShrine_Momo-zakura.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 072HiranoShrine_Momo-zakura.jpg
    Also there were many kinds of Cherry trees.
    Every tree had a name plate. But names were not always correct. Some Autumnalis has plates of Kan-zakura and others have plates of Jugatsu-zakura etc.
    There were some rare double cherries like Kocyo, Ouchiyama and Hirano-torano-o not blooming yet. The blooming picture of Arashiya here was used for Kuitert Book.(I saw it but forgot to take a picture.)
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 011_HiranoShrine_Hirano-torano-o.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 012_HiranoShrine_Yae-beni-shidare.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 016_HiranoShrine.jpg

    There was a cherry garden near the main shrine, too. There were many Shidare- zakuras, Higan-zakuras, Yama–zakuras and etc.
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 025_hiranoShrine.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 026_hiranoShrine.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 027_hiranoShrine.jpg
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 028_hiranoShrine.jpg 20130325_Kyoto1_Izaki 057_hiranoShrine.jpg
    Yuki-yama (I can’t find any reference about this cherry. I’m not sure how to read this, either. It can read “Setsu-zan†It looked like a kind of Yama-zakura. )
    20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 038_hiranoShrine_Yukiyama.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 039_hiranoShrine_Yukiyama.jpg 20130325_Kyoto2_Izaki 040_hiranoShrine_Yukiyama.jpg

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